Cinderella's castle decorated for Christmas with the night sky background
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Magic Kingdom During the Holidays

We kicked off our quick family vacation with a day at Magic Kingdom during the holidays.  It is such a beautiful time to be there!

Mom and Daughter in front of Magic Kingdom

I am trying to get back to these gratitude posts—I feel so much better when I think about how grateful I am for fun experiences, for fun with my family, and for just everything.  It is important for me to document them and I have chose to do so here.  I love going back and reading them.  These are special moments in our lives and I don’t want to forget them or how I felt at the time.  So, please, if you read these and really are bored or uninterested, just skip over them.  More recipes and travel posts will be coming shortly.

Dad and Daughter on Main Street Magic Kingdom Disneyworld

We pulled the kids out of school on the 14th because the  advent calendar surprise for the day was MAGIC KINGDOM!  I love how they decorate for the holidays and knew that if we wanted to get up there before our passes blacked out for the holiday–this was really our only opportunity.

Gargoyle in front of Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom Disneyworld

As soon as we got there, we were all starving but instead of eating in the cafeteria type place of Tomorrowland, we wandered over to one of the new restaurants, Be Our Guest.  I didn’t realize that it was a reservation only type of place and asked at the entrance if there was any space for us.  The woman whispered, “It is your lucky day, ”  and sent us into the restaurant.  (This kind of thing always seems to happen to me and in college my boyfriend called me “Good Luck Girl” because of it.)

Gargoyle holding up the wall in the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld

We had no idea what to expect and the restaurant blew us away.  The whole place is themed as the Beast’s castle—and we chose the dining room with the slashed up walls, occasional thunderstorm, as the rose loses its petals–basically the Beast’s tower.  It was dark and  gloomy in there and very well designed.   The grand ballroom was beautiful too…..huge chandeliers, beautiful (fake) windows with a snowstorm outside, and every other detail that Disney could think of.  It really was beautiful.

Girl standing in front of Christmas tree in the Grand Ballroom of the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom

The food was pretty decent too.  Sawyer was able to find a seared ahi salad which was good—I always worry about him finding food that he will eat. At Magic Kingdom, I have never been super impressed with the food options but Be Our Guest seemed to be a step above some of the other places.

Cinderella's castle decorated for Christmas with the night sky background

After that, we went on every roller-coaster Magic Kingdom has to offer (although I sat out for Splash Mountain), watched the castle light up for Christmas and then headed to our hotel for the night.  Since we were flying out early the next morning, we stayed at the Hyatt in the Orlando Airport.  What a convenient hotel!  Our balcony opened up to the inside of the airport.  We could see Terminal A from our balcony –not the best view but a very convenient way to get going on our 6:00 am flight the next morning.

It was a good day.  We got along almost all of the day.

Man wearing Buzz Lightyear Galactic Hero Sticker

Oh, I almost forgot!  Aaron is a Galactic Hero–on the Buzz Lightyear ride he got the highest score possible (999,999) in the middle of the ride and got a special sticker at the end to commemorate it!

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