Happy Fathers Day
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Father’s Day Surf in Cocoa Beach

While we were in Cocoa Beach, we stayed at the Inn at Cocoa Beach, right across the parking lot from the water and right next to the giant surf shop.  We were here for Father’s Day surf and others may have had the same idea as everything was booked up.  The place was quaint and in a great location—I just grumbled about it a bit the day before.  However, this morning, I woke up with a great appreciation for the place.  I loved our bed.  I loved the fact that they made a home-cooked breakfast every morning (even though it wasn’t food that I wanted to eat).  I loved the fact that it was small and low-key.  It was a great place and I would go back again.

I don’t like birds as pets.  The hotel  had these two parrots that live their life hanging out in a stairwell between the lobby and the free breakfast.  They seem happy I suppose.  They aren’t caged, have lots of fresh air and have people walking by constantly to give them attention.  I stood there for awhile observing them.  One of them seemed particularly interested in me.  I loved the colors of his feathers and the textures in his face and feet.  Later the front desk clerk told me that the birds typically don’t like women and he was likely staring at me aggressively.  Regardless he was interesting and very pretty.

After Aaron and the kids had their fill of breakfast, we packed up our room and went surfing.  Nova and I body surfed and had so much fun.  After about an hour though, we decided to head back to the hotel and lounge by the pool.  The pool water was the perfect temperature and though it was small—there was no one there.  We laid by the pool for over an hour–jumping in the pool when we got too hot.  I talked to my dad for Father’s Day and scrolled through more pictures from our trip with him last year.  It was nice to talk to him and I am sad that we can’t spend time in Washington this year.  BUT–I am super excited to be with him in February as he starts his hike down the Appalachian Trail.

Once Aaron and Sawyer finished surfing, we were all starving.  Sawyer was really loopy and needed to eat food NOW.  We loaded the boards onto the car and headed to The Tiny Turtle for Puerto Rican food.  They had vegetarian options and were fairly healthy too.  We were all really bummed that our favorite place to eat in Cocoa Beach was closed but happy that we found another option.  We headed home around 3:00 and we were home by 6:00—tired, sunburnt, and ready for an early bedtime.  Tomorrow it is back to the grind of surf, SUP and beach camps and lots of other fun.

Happy Father’s Day to Aaron—I am so happy with the amount of adventure you infuse into our kids lives.  I know they will appreciate that and you as they get older.

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